Elevated Chat-Ep3 with Felicia Carbajal

Felicia fights because she has to. And despite the fact that no one wants to talk about the hard stuff.

Felicia is a chicana, LGBTQ, cannabis patient, a patient advocate, cannabis educator, activist, and community organizer. While holding such positions as patient access director, collective operations manager, patient liaison/community engagement coordinator she realized the need for more accountability for the medicine with education being the key. Having worked with countless California patients, caregivers, dispensaries and cannabis industry investors to find the best methods to ensure patients get knowledgeable information, quality medicine, and that compassion remains in California Compassionate Use Act. In 2013 she was honored by being named one of The Advocate Magazine’s 40 under 40 LGBT leaders for her work in Cannabis. Felicia recently joined Dr. Brandie Cross at Smart Pharm Research Group as a partner.


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