Work a lot of Jobs, Learn a lot of Stuff

A large part of my #success can be attributed to the fact that I’ve had many, many #jobs. Not all of them pleasant or fun, but every one, a learning experience.

Take Notes

Yesterday, when giving my #makeup #traincase a much needed deep cleaning, I began to reflect on this reality. Why? You ask… Because my first job at 16 years old was in sales at Nordstrom. Back when they hired folks that young. Haha! I learned the importance of attention to detail and catering to your clients. They taught me well. Within a year I moved into cosmetics with Estee Lauder and I got the bug! The bug that teaches you how to make more money by taking good note of your surroundings.

So if you’ve ever worked for #Nordstrom, you know you can always go back if you left in good standing. Well I did that… Several times over the years. The last time was during my early years as a High School teacher. Yes, that was one of my many jobs. I taught Geometry and Pre-Calculus… can you believe that?! Anyway, the last time I returned to Nordies, I worked for MAC Cosmetics. It was so much fun! After teaching each day, I would hurry to the nearby mall for my evening-close shift. I worked with brilliant make-up artists, sales leaders, consummate professionals and of course, event those “catty” and competitive folks who could sometimes make your work hours miserable. Everyone is there for you to learn from.

Be Grateful for the Details


While cleaning my train-case and wiping each individual eyeshadow by hand, I began to feel a tremendous amount of gratitude in my heart. As I separated my items for recycling (because the “Back to MAC” program gives you a free lipstick, lip gloss or eyeshadow for every 6 empty containers) 🙂, I thought about all the gifts I have received over the years. You see, true learning begins with gratitude.


My professional experiences over the years have been varied. I’ve worked in retail, corporate, non profit and education… all to thoroughly prepare me for what I am doing now. Becoming an entrepreneur was both the easiest and toughest decision of my life. While it meant having the freedom to truly pursue my dreams, it also meant that I was going to responsible for securing my own steady income. Becoming a Cannapreneur took a tremendous amount of courage and commitment to a cause so much larger than myself. So how have I done it and been successful?

I pay close attention at every opportunity, to learn from those doing what I want to be doing.

Knowledge SpeaksMy Daily Practices on the path toward success: 

  • I try to listen more than I speak.
    • Sounds funny because if you know me, you know I talk quite a bit. But over the years, I’ve learned to be quiet with someone else wants to speak. Not only does it make for a more pleasant conversation, but it most certainly makes for a more productive one. 
  • I always read, read, read the entire article.
    • Whether it’s about the current state of the nation, a blog post or a book. Read the whole thing from start to finish. Nowadays, everyone wants to read the headline and call themselves an expert.
  • I write things down so I can remember them.
    • Throughout the day, I’m sparked by inspiration. But I’m also really busy living my multi-passionate lifestyle so it’s impossible for me to remember everything. I carry a small journal or 3 and I write everything down. If you’re not as old school as I am, that’s okay. Use the Notes feature in your phone… just do it! 
  • I #givethanks for the good and the bad.
    • It’s human nature to want to avoid all negative experiences and/or blame others for that reality. But the fact is, without those not-so-positive days, we wouldn’t have appreciation for the awesome days. Take the good with the bad, listen and learn. Then commit to change. 



Written by mskindness

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