A Multi-Passionate Businesswoman

Daily Lessons

A Humbling Plant

Another day, another lesson… — My skin has been acting up for quite some time now. I figured out the other day that it’s been at least a year since the extreme flare ups began. They became progressively worse in the last 6 months and terribly debilitating in the last[…]

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Let Nature Nurture You

Every year we set new intentions, most of us see the winter months as an ending to things; We allow the celebrations of the new year to help us see the possibilities ahead. This is a good thing. It says to me that we are on the right path because[…]

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Taking Breaks to Ease the Pain

My days are filled with “things to do” and “stuff to get done.” I have to constantly plan ahead and schedule everything in its place. This helps to keep the chaos a little more organized, but could never alleviate it. The reality is, I chose this life and all that[…]

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Use your hindsight to see the future

I journal. Do you? I have been writing my thoughts down on paper for years. I really should purchase stock in Moleskine. Are they a public company? Anyway, if you don’t journal, you should start today. It will make a lasting impact on your life and affect change. I frequently[…]

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Listen more than you speak.

Today’s Lesson: LISTEN MORE THAN YOU SPEAK. Because there’s so much to learn. You, like me, have probably heard this before. But something else I’ve recently learned is that “first we hear, then we listen.” So I guess yesterday, I finally listened. The message rang loudly in my spirit. It[…]

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