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Use your hindsight to see the future

I journal. Do you? I have been writing my thoughts down on paper for years. I really should purchase stock in Moleskine. Are they a public company? Anyway, if you don’t journal, you should start today. It will make a lasting impact on your life and affect change.

I frequently return to old books to read my past thoughts and assess my growth. This morning, before setting my intentions for the day (we will talk about that soon), I began reading some excerpts from more than 5 years ago. As I flipped through the pages, I found a common theme… I was all over the place emotionally. From day to day, I was happy, sad, angry, depressed, confused. Hell! According to my notes, I experienced many of those emotions in the same day. It’s amazing how much energy flowed from those pages. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and I don’t even think I knew that back then.

mom-stressed-kid-messThis very recognizable pattern of chaos begged me to consider what was happening in my life at the time. Why was I in so much pain? And then it hit me, we had just had our first child. I was in one of those ‘periods of time’ when you experience tremendous, rapid growth. Those periods are often painful. But like the inspiring Iyanla Vanzant says, “There is so much value in the valley.” That entire year was difficult. I had a growing business, a new marriage and a new baby. Oh, AND my mother had just moved in with us, so for the first time in almost 15 years, we lived together again. Imagine that!

So what happened? I made it through, that’s what. And I made it through victoriously. I remember feeling under-stress for that period of time, but I also remember when I started to feel better. I remember making the choice everyday to try again. Eventually, I rose from the “valley” and moved forward with ease. Now, I use hindsight to create knowledge and learn the intended lesson. With this wisdom, I avoid repeating many of the same mistakes.

I learned: 

  • I am just as important as anyone else.
  • I cannot take care of others if I do not put my own needs first.
  • Post pregnancy hormones are no joke!
  • I should ask for help if I need it.
  • I can do many things well, but that doesn’t mean I have to do many things.
  • Buy a house with an In-Law’s Guest House. (I love you Mom!)

Now, I have foresight. I can prepare for future valleys. I can recognize them sooner and if I am self-actualized in the process, I can breeze through those periods with grace.

Start journaling today! Tell us what you’re learning.


P.S. This is not an ad for Moleskine. I just freaking love those things.

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