Let Nature Nurture You

Every year we set new intentions, most of us see the winter months as an ending to things; We allow the celebrations of the new year to help us see the possibilities ahead. This is a good thing. It says to me that we are on the right path because we keep making efforts to be better. With each new year, I do the same. I use the cold winter days to stay in and reflect on the past year(s). I spend more time with family friends during celebrations. And I set new goals for the future. This year, I even made a vision board!

After I set my goals, I rank them in order from ‘most easily attainable’ to ‘may present some challenge.’ Word choice matters 😉 And then I dive right in, no hesitation, no additional thought. I immediately begin work on the easiest one.

My first and most easily attainable goal this year is to spend more time in nature.

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This past weekend, I took my second hiking trip of the year (the first was Mt. Baldy). Joined by the hubs, our kids and a few awesome friends, we hiked about 6 miles along a gorgeous trail in Etiwanda Falls. It was a little chilly in so. cal that day, but perfect for a climb. EF is a popular trail so we weren’t alone, but the hills are massive and the views are wide, so it’s easy to find peace in your surroundings.


The goal of this particular hike was to reach the waterfall. Once we did, we sat, we ate and we enjoyed the sounds of the river. You know, even as I type this it sounds so surreal. I promise, I am not making this up! It was a beautiful experience.

I took that time to review all that was going on around us. There were a few other groups up there as well. The sound of the water rushing by created a natural meditative experience and for a brief moment, it felt as though all was right in the world.

There was a vibration coming from the rocks letting me know that Mother Nature knew we were there and that she was looking out for us.

I am certain that each of us gained something different from the hike. Being in nature can lead to so many unexpected revelations. The trick is to relax and let them come… Before heading back down the mountain, we snapped a couple pics for posterity and extended thanks to Mother Earth. What a day!

I learned:

  • We should join others in nature for rich and rewarding experiences.
  • We are a tiny part of the universe, but our power within it is very great.
  • Hiking is great exercise!
  • When we trust the process, things always go exactly as they are supposed to.
  • After hiking up hill for 6 miles, you need to stretch or you will be sore the next day. 🙂

Msk at EF


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