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Certified Holistic Wealth Coach 


With both the given name and a calling, Mskindness B. Ramirez has remained committed to her work in education and philanthropy throughout her life. Following an extensive career in large-scale fundraising with reputable agencies such as The American Lung Association, Planned Parenthood, and The AIDS Services Foundation.


In 2007 she pursued her graduate degree to continue her career as a High School Teacher with the Pomona Unified School District.


But during her second pregnancy in 2012, a bad slip and fall left her riddled with chronic pain and unable to continue her career in the traditional classroom.


When her academic lens and desire to find a holistic approach to healing, led this bold mom to enter the cannabis space. Armed with a wealth of new knowledge… Mskindness created Club Kindness in 2015. A direct to Consumer Education Platform & Impact-driven Event Production Company. Then in 2016, Our Kind Care, a full spectrum of CBD Products for Modern Consumers. 


Now, as a successful CEO & Adjunct Faculty for the LA City Community Colleges, she has expanded her passion for Cannabis education into the development of a series of programs for continued learning; focusing on cannabis business, history, and social entrepreneurship called PRODIGYCLASS. 

This willful entrepreneur is the host of BEYOND THE WEEDS, a video podcast that shares stories of transformation, and the author of the children’s book, "The Root Family's Very Special Garden."

Then, when she finds time... in her role as the Executive Board President of This is Jane Project, Ramirez supports women & non-binary trauma survivors gain access to plant medicine and valuable programming that fosters healing.

While Mskindness’ core work remains centered around equity, inclusion and social impact. She is a wife, mother, and multi-passionate businesswoman to say the least, who remains gracefully balanced through her mindfulness training and daily meditation practice. 

Always listen better than you speak.

Mskindness B. Ramirez, MA.Ed


Some things I've Built... 

That I'm really proud of. 

Prodigy Class
CK Pro
Our Kind Care
The Root Family's Very Special Garden
Club Kindness Education
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