A Very Special Garden

There are few things better than curling up with a good book. But when you can do it with your children, it’s the absolute best! Mskindness B. Ramirez, a Professional Educator and Cannabis Consultant, has entered the writing space! And she’s done it with the 1st in an educational series about Cannabis. The Root Family Shares “A VERY SPECIAL GARDEN” is designed to introduce your family to the herbs growth cycles and various uses in a fun and kid-friendly way. Read it with your child for a unique shared experience.

Meet… The Roots. They live in the small town of Browsville. Their son, Michael Root, is an adventurous child who loves working with his hands. When one day, he is inspired to build and grow a garden. So his family joins in, to make it an extra special experience for everyone.

…spark the canna-conversation with your whole family!

Enjoy this story with your child and help open their minds to a whole new world of possibilities surrounding the Cannabis plant. Learn together, as the Root Family takes you on a journey of sowing, harvesting, and creating medicine with the very special herb. There’s even a Glossary at the end with all the new, cool words the Root Family wants to make sure you and your child become familiar with. 

Enjoy 28 pages of beautifully hand-drawn storytelling.

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