I’m inspired at times to create something beautiful. Something meaningful and meant to be shared. That began with a book and has grown into more of my musings.

CannaMoms! This new line is inspired by you.

There are few things better than curling up with a good book. But when you can do it with your children, it’s the absolute best! I have officially entered the writing space! And I’ve done it with a children’s book about Cannabis. The Root Family’s Very Special Garden is designed to introduce your family to the herb’s growth cycles and various uses, in a fun and kid-friendly way. Read it with your child for a unique shared experience.

…spark the canna-conversation with your whole family!

Enjoy this story with your child and help open their minds to a whole new world of possibilities surrounding the Cannabis plant. Learn together, as the Root Family takes you on a journey of sowing, harvesting, and creating medicine with the very special herb. There’s even a Glossary at the end with all the new, cool words the Root Family wants to make sure you and your child become familiar with. 

Enjoy 28 pages of beautifully hand-drawn storytelling.

Representation is so important, if we want to change the perception around this inspired plant. What better way to represent our beautiful lifestyle choices than with a cute tee!  CannaMoms, Dads, Brothers, & Sisters… need a light?

Say it it with your chest!

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